PlaceMe: A Privacy Wake-up Call

April 11, 2012

Placeme Android List ViewBy Doug Miller

I read a post on Google+ by Robert Scoble today regarding a new mobile app technology called PlaceMe from Alohar Mobile. This app installs on an iPhone or Android device and basically tracks your every movement – literally. Using the built-in sensors in the mobile device, this app can track where you are, how fast you are moving, etc. and from this can build up a very accurate profile of your movements through out the day.

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Spies Around Me

April 4, 2012

By Jeff Gould

Imagine the following scenario.

Sitting in a crowded bar, a red-headed bombshell casually studies a map of Washington’s Adams Morgan neighborhood on the screen of her iPhone. Overlaid at various spots on the map are thumbnail photos of men. Under each man’s image is the name of his employer. Department of Commerce, Department of Labor, IRS, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy… Yes. She taps the last icon and a Facebook page pops up, which she reviews for several minutes, carefully memorizing each detail. Then she lifts her head and scans the room. After a moment, she focuses briefly on someone sitting at a nearby table. She glances at her iPhone to confirm the resemblance, then puts the device away.
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