Google+ for Business: Read the Terms

October 1, 2012

By Doug Miller

On August 29, Google announced a preview of its Google+ social networking offering as a premium product for business. Google+ for Business will be made available to contracted Google Apps customers (including Google Apps for Business, Government and Education). This is exciting news for Google Apps customers who want to take advantage of Google+ in their workplace but want more control over how the service is used. Some of the key features include:

  • Private company sharing
  • Private online video meetings
  • Ability to restrict user’s posts
  • Ability for administrators to control default company settings

However there is one thing company owners need to be aware of that may not be obvious with this new offering. This service is not part of the Google Apps suite – at least not yet.
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Galaxy Tab Tune-up

April 6, 2012

By Doug Miller

One of my favorite devices is my now ancient Samsung Galaxy Tab which runs Android Gingerbread. This is the original 7 inch Tab and in fact I bought it from an online store in the UK well before it was available in the US. I got the international GSM version and this device not only has a full-time 3G data capability but it also makes phone calls as a cell phone. It has worked fine on AT&T and I even occasionally use it as a cell phone with a Bluetooth headset. I pop in a Virgin Mobile Canada SIM chip when I travel to Canada and can use the device without incurring roaming charges. I love the size, the instant on and the full time connection to the net no matter where I am. While I have an iPad I almost never use it. It is too big for me as a portable device. Same goes for my Windows Tablet – not quite instant on yet and a way too big for throwing in my coat pocket as I run out the door. Hopefully when Windows 8 launches there will be devices similar to the form factor of the 7 inch Galaxy Tab.

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Spies Around Me

April 4, 2012

By Jeff Gould

Imagine the following scenario.

Sitting in a crowded bar, a red-headed bombshell casually studies a map of Washington’s Adams Morgan neighborhood on the screen of her iPhone. Overlaid at various spots on the map are thumbnail photos of men. Under each man’s image is the name of his employer. Department of Commerce, Department of Labor, IRS, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy… Yes. She taps the last icon and a Facebook page pops up, which she reviews for several minutes, carefully memorizing each detail. Then she lifts her head and scans the room. After a moment, she focuses briefly on someone sitting at a nearby table. She glances at her iPhone to confirm the resemblance, then puts the device away.
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