Lenovo, why are you killing the ThinkPad?

August 14, 2012

By Jeff Gould

I’ve been a ThinkPad user for 15 years, ever since I switched from Mac OS to Windows for my primary work machine. The reason for the switch: back then the Mac version of Netscape’s browser chronically lagged IE for Windows in functionality and speed. Although never thrilled with ThinkPad’s performance relative to its price, I loved the keyboard and the trackpoint (that funny red button in the middle of the keyboard that serves as the mouse). The all-black plastic body wasn’t the most stylish on the market, but it was acceptable.

But lately I’ve begun to have second thoughts. I’m even coming to believe that Lenovo secretly wants to kill the ThinkPad. Why? Because Lenovo has abandoned any pretense of trying to keep up with Apple as a manufacturer of premium professional laptops.

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